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Journal History

Widyariset was published for the first time by the Training Section, Bureau of Organization and Personnel (BOK-LIPI) in 2000 with the international standard serial number (ISSN) 1441-7932. It is intended to accommodate scientific papers as the results of the research from researchers candidates and researchers from inside and outside Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). In line with the increasing development and number of the participants of the training for the function of first-degree researchers (DJFP Tk. Pertama), Widyariset compiles more scientific papers written by the participants of the training programs that has been stated deserves to be published by the mentors. Widyariset also opens the opportunity for the alumni of the training to send their scientific papers as long as it fills the requirements and the applicable regulations of Widyariset. 

Since May 16, 2014, Widyariset is managed by the National Training and Education Center for Researchers Development (Pusbindiklat Peneliti LIPI), based on the Regulation of the Head of LIPI No. 1 year 2014. From year to year Widyariset have undergone many changes in the guidelines of writing, cover design, writing techniques, and others. In 2005 Widyariset gained its accreditation number 46/Akred-LIPI/P2MBI/9/2005 by Decree of the Head of LIPI No. 1438/E/2006 with grade C. In 2009 Pusbindiklat Peneliti LIPI proposed the re-accreditation and gained grade B accreditation with accreditation number 215/AU1/P2MBI/08/2009 based on the Decree of the Head of LIPI No. 816/D/2009 dated August 28, 2009. In 2012, Widyariset re-propose the second re-accreditation and was accredited by accreditation number 472/ AU2/P2MI-LIPI/08/2012.