Ekawati Marlina, Retno Asihanti Setiorini, Kamariah Tambunan


There are several cases of duplicate articles in Indonesian scientific journal. This study provide inputs to
the journal publisher in Indonesia to prevent duplication. This paper conducted analysis of quality articles and
journals, data obtained from the Indonesian Scientific Journal Database (ISJD) and printed journals in PDII
LIPI. The results show (1) the duplication are written by the same author, but published in different journals, in the
same or different year; (2) articles published in the same journal but in different volume; (3) articles from a similar
research team, but published as sole author under the name of each member of the group. Most journals already
include a requirement that the article submitted has not been published in other journals. This paper suggests in
order to avoid duplication, each journal should add the prerequisite, such as authors should not submit the article
to other publishers before the selection process has been completed. In addition, to address duplication, while
the selection is in process, publisher should conduct a benchmarking script analysis to search articles that have
been published. ISJD, is a database for comparing articles and managed by PDII LIPI. Currently, ISJD already
manages more than 5,000 journals with more than 140,000 articles. This study is expected to provide input to the
journal publisher in Indonesia, so there is no duplication of publication of the article.


Duplication; Scientific journals; Quality; Database

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.14203/widyariset.18.1.2015.115–126


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